Online Personal Training

Being confined indoors for lengthy periods due to the current coronavirus situation can make you get lethargic and lazy. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can help

We can set you up with one of our staff trainers, whom you will meet online through videoconferencing 2-3 times per week for a 45min personal training session.You’ll receive a fully customised workout from your trainer that addresses your needs, your capabilities and your limitations.

No need for gym equipment

We’ll show you how to get a good workout without any equipment!

Various training options

Ranging from One-to-One sessions, Small Groups (3-6 people), or live streaming fitness classes (no supervision here). Super affordable pricing! See our packages below!

Online Personal Training

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Live streamed group training sessions

Option 1:
One-to-One / Couple online training:

One or 2 clients sharing a trainer

  • 8 session pack (2 per week): €240
  • 12 session pack (3 per week): €360

Sessions are 45-50min in duration.

Option 2:
Small Group online training (3-6 people):

3-6 clients sharing a trainer

  • 8 sessions (2 per week): €80 per person
  • 12 sessions (3 per week): €120 per person

Minimum 3 people per group required. Sessions are 45-50min in duration.

Option 3:
Live streamed group training sessions

These are workout sessions we'll be streaming online live, at certain days and times of the week. However, there is no personal instruction or personal feedback from the trainer. Access to all sessions for 1 month: €29 (only €2-€3 per session, possibly even less if we get a good response and are able to offer more weekly sessions.

We'll start with 4 sessions (2 in the morning and 2 at around 6pm) every week. Minimum requirement is 10 enrolments to start these sessions. The exact times will be decided based on client preference.

Due to the Covid19 situation we are offering these services at massively discounted prices at the moment (below cost price), to encourage you to get moving again, rather than becoming lethargic.

First come, first served

Our training slots are limited, so if you’d like to find a convenient time to train, get in touch with us immediately, by filling the form.

It is much easier to embark on a productive exercise programme if you have someone to guide you on what to do and watch you to make sure you’re actually doing it. There are thousands of training programmes available online, but the reality is that most people are not motivated enough to follow a programme consistently unless someone actually makes them do it. It may sound silly, but this is the reason fitness coaches like us exist. We are exercise enablers, motivators and advisors. We’ll tell you what you should and should not do. And we’ll make sure you do what you’re supposed to do, because we’ll be watching over you.

The next best thing to Personal Training is LIVE online training, using videoconferencing software such as Skype or Zoom (free and easy to setup on your laptop or smartphone).

We are offering you the possibility to work with our trainers one-to-one or in a small group, just as you would in the gym. You will exercise at your home and your trainer will instruct you live via videoconferencing. If you have no equipment, that’s no problem. All workouts can be done using bodyweight exercises, as I have demonstrated in the videos I released last week on our Blog, our Facebook page and Youtube.

We offer packages in monthly intervals. You can chose between 2 sessions or 3 sessions per week.

We focus on results.

Richard Geres Personal Training (RGPT) was founded in 2005. Since then we’ve trained thousands of clients, and through the experience gathered, we’ve fine-tuned our operation to offer a world-class coaching service.

We operate from a private training facility, located at the Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay, St. Julians. By private we mean that the training facility is reserved exclusively for personal training clients. No members, hotel guests or visitors. We’ve found that the only way to be able to give a professional personal training service is by having a dedicated training facility where you can train in privacy, without the crowds, and where the equipment you need is always available on demand.

For our clients that want to exercise even on days when they don’t have a scheduled personal training session, we offer a complimentary health club membership in our second gym, to which they always have access. In addition, our clients enjoy free towel service, free water, free access to the indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna as well as free parking in the Hotel car park. We do our best to make you feel like a VIP.