Fed up of gaining, losing and regaining weight?

To maintain your weight-loss long-term, you need to change your behaviour. Behaviour change can only be achieved through education and repetition of new habits learned.

Online course delivered through a mobile app

Our comprehensive programme will provide you with an eating guideline and  sample meal plans to help you get started, daily educational and instrutional articles, exercise routines to get you moving, individual support and online webinars with head coach and registered nutritionist, Richard Geres, M.Sc.

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4th October 2021 – 12th December 2021 (10-weeks)

Eat for Change

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Lose weight, change your behaviour and learn how to keep your weight off long-term:

  • 10-week educational weight-loss course

  • Learn better eating behaviour through simple tips and tricks that help prevent regaining the weight you lost

  • Learn what really matters and what doesn’t (we’ll expose all the B.S.)

  • Course delivered through a mobile app for easy access

  • Daily short lectures, tips and tricks, and regular tasks to practice your new skills

  • Lots of delicious recipe ideas and sample meal plans to give you more variety

  • Push notifications to keep you focused

  • Complete video programme of 30 home workouts provided

  • Individual support

  • Online webinars with your coach

Why going on a diet is not the solution

There are literally thousands of diet plans on the internet. They all work more or less as long as you apply them, and yes, you’ll lose some weight during that time.

The problem is what happens afterwards.

It’s a fact that over 80% of people that follow a diet regain all their weight within a year.

The main reason for this is that people slowly fall back into their ‘old’, flawed eating or lifestyle habits that caused them to gain weight in the first place.

The whole point of embarking on a weight-loss programme is to lose weight, but if you regain the weight again shortly afterwards, what’s the point of having dieted in the first place? Ater all your net end result is ZERO progress!

Change your eating behaviour for long-term results

Most people have a routine way of eating.  People with a weight problem have some kind of flaw within their routine. Many times it can be only one issue, sometimes there can be multiple issues. These flaws cause one’s weight to increase slowly over time, without the person actually noticing it, until some alarm bell goes off that exposes the reality of the problem. This could be a medical test result, a comment from someone or just the fact that the clothes don’t fit all of a sudden.

The most apparent solution would be to identify the issue, address it and change it, and that should fix the poblem, right? However, that’s not what most people do. Instead, they deprive themselves of food for a short while, lose some weight as a result, and then gradually fall back into their old, usual routine.

Put an end to the vicious cycle

To fix a problem, you first need to identify it, acknowledge it and then be willing to change it. The required change can be simple, but not necessarily easy.

Practice and repetition are required to engrain new actions until you start to perform them automatically, without having to think about them. That’s how real behaviour change happens.

We’ll guide you along the way

Our programme will guide you, educate you and coach you to adopt simple but very effective new tricks that will slowly change the way you think about and perceive food. You’ll be smarter, slimmer and more educated at the end of the programme, armed with the tools to maintain your progress long-term or continue on your weight-loss journey until you reach your desired weight.

Eat for Change is a result of over 12 years of experience in providing nutrition programmes to thousands of people.

In many cases, busy lifestyles, stress and fatigue can lead to just one (or more) small imbalance(s) in food intake, that over time cause your weight to slowly creep up.

This happens slowly and often remains unnoticed or ignored, until an alarm bell goes off, triggered by a medical exam, a comment by a friend or by your clothes suddenly not fitting any more. 

Such weight gain has occurred because something in your habitual eating routine is flawed. You may be eating quite healthily in general, but just one ‘bad’ habit repeated often enough can throw your balance off and increase your weight slowly over time.

The typical solution would be to go on a diet in the hope of losing the extra weight and restrict your food intake in some form as instructed. That usually brings about a temporary decrease in bodyweight.

Unfortunately once the diet is discontinued, old eating habits are gradually resumed, the flaw(s) is re-introduced, and eventually all the weight is regained.

The end result is ZERO progress. Z.E.R.O.

Fix what’s wrong, don’t change everything!

The problem with the dieting approach is that generally, people don’t really understand why they are eating in a certain way when dieting. They just follow instructions blindly, because the plan says so.

However, wouldn’t it be easier and more sustainable to just fix the behaviour that is flawed, rather than turning your whole routine upside down?

That is the Eat for Change philosophy.

Eat for Change is a step-by-step coaching programme delivered through a mobile app, with the aim of helping you to lose weight, and teaching you better eating behaviour for long-term benefit.

Start date: 4th October 2021. End date: 12h December 2021

Deadline for enrolments: 2nd October 2021  at midnight

The programme will be delivered through a mobile app which you will install on your smartphone (iOS or Android)

You can follow the programme from home at any time of the day. There are no visits necessary.

Eating guideline

From day 1, you will be provided with an eating guideline to help you get started on your weight-loss journey. It is based on normal, everyday foods, and we will show you how much of everything you can eat. It is very flexible, and you can change meal timings as you wish and include breakfast and snacks or leave them out if you prefer. You will eat how it suits you best, based on your food preferenes and your daily routine.

You can follow a very simple plan if that’s what you want, or you can follow the sample meal plans we provide if you want more variety and a plan to follow.

Behaviour change lectures

We’ll provide you with daily lectures in the form of short aticles that will educate you about what really matters for weight-loss success and what is hype. This will include simple tasks for you to fullfil on a daily basis to reinforce your behaviour and create repetition.

The goal is for you not to depend on an eating plan but eventually create your own routine of eating, applying the principles we teach you.

That is the best recipe for long term success! 

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime!”

Exercise programme

A healthy lifestyle should include regular exercise. Any exercise helps, as long as you do it consistently (several times weekly) and long enough (20-30 minutes is a good start). We will provide you with guidelines of what you should do, based on your abilities and preferences.

If you want to get really fit and tone up your muscles, you can follow the 30-session home workout programme that we will provide throughout the course. You will receive video instruction of 45 minutes, 3 times per week. Each session lasts about 45 minutes.

We will provide sessions for both beginners as well as intermediate to advance fitness levels.


A support team is available to answer any of your questions through the app, and if necessary we can schedule a phonecall with you to clarify your questions.

We will also open a facebook group for all participants in which you can exchange questions and get answers from your coaches. Joing this group is on a voluntary basis.

During our webinars we’ll cover the week’s topics and will be able to answer your questions as well.


You will be asked to monitor your weight-loss progress on the app we will provide for you, and submit your progress, week by week. Such information is not shared with other participants to protect your privacy.

You will also receive a weekly feedback request from your coach so that you can update your coach on your successes and difficulties and get help from your coach if needed.

Depending on how much weight you have to lose, your journey towards your end result can be a shorter or longer one.

Your journey does not sotp after 10 weeks. You need to apply what you have learned long-term to reap the true benefits. expect to lose fat, develop muscle tone and feel much, much fitter!

Results vary from person to person , but we have statisitical information from past clients that can give you a rough guideline. The average weight-loss for men in 10-weeks was about 7-8kg , and they lost an average of 3-4 inches (7.5-10cm) from their waist. 4 inches translates into 2 dress-sizes! Fitness was also significantly increased, with clients reporting more energy, more endurance, better mood, increased libido and a general feeling of wellness. In women, the average weight-loss was slightly less, however most women who completed the programme lost between 1-2 dress sizes, which is fantastic! We have also had clients that lost more than 22kg in 10 weeks, but that is not the objective of our programme.

From an educational perspective, you will learn principles of behaviour change, nutrition science, food portioning, and tips and tricks to eat less and get full quicker.

Your rate of progress depends on many factors: age, genetics, hormones, stress levels, family support, your available time for exercise and your dedication to the programme. We do not provide a magic wand. You’ll have to earn your progress through commitment and regular participation.

To date, some 6,000 people have followed our programme. There is no reason why you shouldn’t become another one of our success stories!

You will need:

  1. Smartphone (iOS or Android)
  2. Reliable weighing-scale
  3. Inch tape
  4. Internet connection.
  5. Email address

Payment for the programme is strictly by credit/debit card through the app.


Now just €118.00!


After more than 12 years of coaching clients how to lose weight, we are excited to announce the best programme so far!

We launched our first 10-Week Weight-Loss Challenge in 2009, and since then have had over 6,000 participants on this programme.

We are now launching our brand new and improved version of this programme through a mobile app, for easier and more convenient access to course material.

The programme is now highly focused on education and behaviour change as this provides the best conditions for long-term progress.

Generally, programmes that focus on rapid weight-loss are never sustainable and the progress is eventually lost. Our goal is to engrain better eating and lifestyle behaviour in your daily routine, teach you how to lose weight gradually and what to do to keep it off.

Richard Geres is a registered nutritionist with the Malta Council for Professions Complimentary to Medicine (CPCM), and has a Masters degree in Nutritional Medicine. He also has over 25 years experience as a fitness coach, personal trainer and  nutrition consultant.