Lose weight and improve fitness and muscle tone from your home in 10 weeks

Holistic weight-loss programme based on healthy and delicous meal plans, behaviour change and weekly home exercise sessions.

Dates of programme

28th September – 6th December 2020 ( 10 weeks)

The 4 components you need for success

To lose weight successfully, you need to 1) eat better, 2) change your faulty eating behaviours and 3) exercise regularly. 4) Having a coach to supervise and motivate you makes you much more likely to succeed. We’ll provide the tools for all 4 components.

Get support and stay motivated for 10 weeks!

Coach feedback (NEW!), private Facebook group, weekly progress check and online webinars with head coach and registered nutritionist, Richard Geres, M.Sc.

10-Week Home Weight-Loss Challenge

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At the moment, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, life is different. People spend more time indoors, move less and eat more.

Our programme is here to put and end to this, and help you get organised with your eating and your exercise.

It IS possible to get fit and lose weight from home… you just need to have the will to do it and keep an open mind.

You won’t do this alone. You’ll be supervised by a coach and you’ll be asked to submit your progress on a weekly basis.

This is the best weight-loss programme you can follow from home.

The purpose of the programme is to help you lose weight, burn fat, get toned and improve your fitness over a perod of 10 weeks.

Start date: 28th September 2020. End date: 6th December 2020

Deadline for enrolments: 26th September 2020 at midnight

Meal Plan Programme

Over a period of 10 weeks, you will receive a different meal plan each week for the entire week. The meal plans include a breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2-3 snacks for every day of the week. We offer a meal plan for women and one for men. The main meals in both plans are identical, except for the portion sizes, as women typically require slightly smaller portions than men. Each daily plan has a nutritient analysis for the meals of the day, and the calorie intake is optimised for both men and women to lose weight gently without feeling deprived or hungry. Our meal plans contain foods from all food groups, including red or white meat, fish, some dairy products, fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. If there are certain foods you do not like, you can substitute for other meals that are acceptable to you. All recipes are fairly simple to prepare. Lunches can be prepared in 10-15 minutes, and dinners usually take 20-30 minutes to prepare, just like any regular meal you would prepare at home.

Our meal plans are always sent out on a Thursday and also include a weekly shopping list, to make it easy for you to purchase your groceries in advance.

Exercise programme

Exercise is essential if you want to burn fat effectively and tone up. Weight-loss without exercise (through diet only) makes your body soft and saggy, as you lose muscle tissue. Lack of exercise also makes it much easier to gain weight again after the programme, because the muscle you have lost slows down your metabolic rate. Even if you walk regularly, you will still have this effect if you don’t include some strength training.

We provide 3 workout videos every week, instructed by one of our trainers. These workouts help to improve your strength and endurance, build muscle tone and burn calories.  They are about 45minutes in duration and are well explained and easy to follow. We’ll provide you with a link from which you can play the workout video, just like you would play a Youtube video.

We will provide sessions for both beginners as well as intermediate to advance fitness levels.

Educational and motivational material

You will receive regular email articles on fitness and nutrition related topics to educate you and keep your motivation high for the entire 10 weeks.

Facebook group

We will also open a facebook group for all participants in which you can exchange questions and get answers from your coaches. Joing this group is on a voluntary basis.


You will be asked to monitor your weight-loss progress on the app we will provide for you, and submit your progress to your coach, week by week. Such information is not shared with other participants to protect your privacy.

You will also receive a weekly feedback request from your coach so that you can update your coach on your successes and difficulties and get help from your coach if needed.


In 10 weeks, you can expect to lose fat, develop muscle tone and feel much, much fitter!

Results vary from person to person , but we have statisitical information from past clients that can give you a rough guideline. The average weight-loss for men in 10-weeks was about 8kg , and they lost an average of 4 inches (10cm) from their waist. 4 inches translates into 2 dress-sizes! Fitness was also significantly increased, with clients reporting more energy, more endurance, better mood, increased libido and a general feeling of wellness. In women, the average weight-loss was slightly less, however most women who completed the programme lost between 1-2 dress sizes, which is fantastic! We have also had clients that lost more than 22kg in 10 weeks, but that is not the objective of our programme.

From an educational perspective, you will learn principles of behaviour change, nutrition science, food portioning, and tips and tricks to eat less and get full quicker.

To achieve these results, you will be expected to follow the eating guidelines given and participate in the exercise sessions provided. We do not provide a magic wand. You’ll have to earn your progress through commitment and regular participation.

To date, some 6,000 people have enrolled in this programme. There is no reason why you shouldn’t become another one of our success stories!

You will need:

  1. A reliable weighing-scale
  2. An inch tape
  3. A laptop, PC or tablet computer with internet connection.
  4. An email address

Payment for the programme is strictly by credit/debit card or through Paypal via the enrolment form above.


Now just €118.00!


Richard Geres Personal Training (RGPT) was founded in 2005. Since then we’ve trained thousands of clients, and through the experience gathered, we’ve fine-tuned our operation to offer a world-class coaching service.

We launched our first 10-Week Weight-Loss Challenge in 2009, and since then have had over 6,000 participants on this programme.

We are now launching our new improved version of this programme that provides better exercise supervision, more behaviour change, more accountability and increased social interaction.

Richard Geres is a registered nutritionist with the Malta Council for Professions Complimentary to Medicine, and has a Masters degree in Nutritional Medicine. He also has over 25 years experience as a fitness consultant, personal trainer and fitness educator.

The 10-Week Weight-Loss Challenge is the ideal programme for anyone that seeks to achieve a healthier, slimmer and fitter body using a holistic, health-oriented approach from home.