We coach people to get fit and lose weight

Work with our team of exercise and nutrition coaches to get in shape!

Ideal if you struggle to exercise on your own

If you are not motivated enough to exercise regularly by yourself, we can definitely help.

Have injuries or aches and pains? We can help!

All our programmes have a therapeutic component in them that will help you improve potential back pain or joint pain and help you to overcome current injuries.

We keep the premises safe for you

We apply strict hygienic measures to keep you safe while in our premises

Personal Training

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Looking for a real body transformation?

Exercise and nutrition can have a tremendous impact on the shape, size and look of your body, as well as your health.

A well-planned fat-burning programme can help you lose several dress-sizes or help reduce that stubborn belly.

A systematic strength training programme will develop muscle tone without the bulk, or even substantial muscle size, if that is your goal.

If you have aches and pains, or are recovering from an injury, our therapeutic exercise programmes will help you to recover faster and allow your body to return to normal function.

How your body changes depends on the training programme that is applied, and the quantity and quality of food you feed it with.

This is where the huge value of personal training comes to shine.

Here’s how we make sure you get results:

  1. We discuss your goals, and see where YOU want to go
  2. Set realistic and achievable goals
  3. Provide you with the right programme for your goals
  4. Assess you regularly to make sure you are on the right track to achieving your goals

All the team trainers at Richard Geres Personal Training apply this methodology.

We’ve tested it with thousands of clients. We know it works, and we are confident we can get YOU great results too!

Ours is a coaching programme

We believe that Personal Training is much more than just doing some workout sessions with a trainer.

In our case, Personal Training is a comprehensive coaching programme. This means that your programme is based on a pre-defined goal, that you are coached in all aspects (exercise, nutrition, lifestyle) that influence your ability to reach your goal, and that you are regularly assessed so that we can make sure you are actually moving towards those goals.

Record keeping and assessments

Most trainers don’t bother to collect regular workout data, and rarely, if ever, properly assess their clients. Data collection and progress assessment is at the core of our values, so much so that we developed our own bespoke software to track all this data and make it presentable to you. We strongly believe that if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it, and our coaching methodology is built on this foundation. 

Through our software, you have access to all the data we track, and you can review your workouts done, your progress graphs and any consultation meetings with your exercise or nutrition coaches.

Private training facility

Most of our Personal Training clients dislike big gym environments. That’s why we operate form our own, private training studio. No gym members, no hotel guests, no casually attending clients. Only personal training clients have access to our studio on the days and times they are scheduled.

This means there are never more than a few clients in our studio, which gives you more privacy, more space to work in, and the assurance that the exercise equipment you need is always available, and you never have to wait.

We are located in a private studio at the Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay, St. Julians.

Complimentary Health Club membership and access to Spa facilities

All personal training clients have free access to the hotel gym (separate gym) and to the indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna. (Pool and sauna is currently subject to availabilty due to COVID-19 directives).

This allows you to exercise also on the days when you dont have any personal training sessions scheduled.

Free parking

We offer complimentary parking to our personal training clients in the Corinthia Car Park for the duration of their training session.

Flexible timing

We operate from 6am to 9pm, so finding a suitable time slot for you, even if you are very busy, should not be a problem.

Exercise can be very therapeutic if applied in the right way. In fact, all professional athletes go through a period of physical therapy when recovering from a sports injury. If you have joint pains and have been inactive for some time, exercise might just be the thing you need.

We’ve worked with many clients that have suffered from back pain, knee pain, knee surgery, shoulder issues and other ailments and follow internationally recognised exercise protocols to rehabilitate these joint or muscle injuries.

Our goal is not to turn you into a bodybuilder, but to help alleviate discomfort and pain and promote healing of the affected areas.

As your condition improves, you may slowly transition to a more general fitness programme, as may be appropriate for you at that time.

Actually, the majority of our clients is over 40 years of age (ranging to over 70 years), as at that age it becomes increasingly difficult to motivate oneself to exercise regularly. When you were in your teens or 20s, you may have been keen to exercise by yourself, but with increasing age and work and family commitments, this may have become a real struggle.

Our programmes are all about guiding, motivating and coaching our clients, so for the over 40s, we provide the best recipe for success.

Having regular training appointments and the accountability to attend makes all the difference.

Our in-house nutritionist, Richard Geres is a registered nutritionist, registered with the Health Department in Malta. He has a Masters Degree in Nutritional Medicine and specialises in weight-loss and obesity related conditions such as dislipidaemia (high cholesterol and triglycerides) and diabetes.

He is also a certified behaviour change coach, and his nutrition programmes focus more on changing problematic eating habits, which yield long-term results, rather than just providing quick fix diets for rapid, temporary weight-loss, where weight is usually regained in a short period of time once the diet is discontinued.

Our programmes usually run for 3-months, with 2-weekly review appointments with Richard (7 appointments in total). These are important to make sure you remain on track throughout your programme and reach the goals you have set.

We are taking the COVID-19 risk very seriously, and as a result implement all the required safety guidelines to keep you and our staff safe.

Our safety measures include the mandatory wearing of face masks or shields by our staff, cleaning of equipment after every single client, the washing or sanitising of hands before and after training, maintaining ample distance to other clients and allocating a space to clients that far exceeds the minimum requirements.

In fact, in most times, clients have between 30-150sqm of space available for themselves, shared only with their trainer.

We also have a second studio, which upon request can be used exclusively for one client.

Outdoor training is also possible in the beautiful Corinthia gardens.

We offer a wide number of package options, ranging from 3-month to 12-month packages, with options to train between 2-6 times per week with a trainer. You can train One-to-One, as a ‘Couple’ or in a small group of 4 people sharing one trainer.

We require a minimum 3-month commitment so that we can get you some awesome results!

We offer monthly payment plans on all our packages, which means you can pay your training package in monthly instalments, rather than having to pay the whole package up front in one go.

Here are some indications of our package fees:

One-to-One: from around €300 per month

Couples: from around €160 per month per person

Small Groups: from around €100 per month per person

Nutrition programme: €175 if taken alone, €90 if taken in combination with a personal training programme (one-time fee).

All packages include free gym membership in our separate members’ gym, free spa access, free parking and free towel and water (subject to COVID regulation).

Richard Geres Personal Training (RGPT) was founded in 2005. Since then we’ve trained thousands of clients, and through the experience gathered, we’ve fine-tuned our operation to offer a world-class coaching service.

We operate from a private training facility, located at the Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay, St. Julians. By private we mean that the training facility is reserved exclusively for personal training clients. No members, hotel guests or visitors. We’ve found that the only way to be able to give a professional personal training service is by having a dedicated training facility where you can train in privacy, without the crowds, and where the equipment you need is always available on demand.

For our clients that want to exercise even on days when they don’t have a scheduled personal training session, we offer a complimentary health club membership in our second gym, to which they always have access. In addition, our clients enjoy free towel service, free water, free access to the indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna as well as free parking in the Hotel car park. We do our best to make you feel like a VIP.